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  • Dr. Barbara-Ann Britten, M.D.

Exceptional medical care is the mission of Dr. Barbara-Ann Britten. The practice accomplishes this by creating a feeling of warmth and welcome as you come through the door and then providing compassionate, comprehensive medical care in the exam room. Dr. Britten is passionate about her patient care and feels that exceptional medical care requires prevention, early detection and accessibility.

By focusing on lifestyle changes, nutrition and personal stressors, we guide patients to take a healthier approach to everyday living. This helps patients become aware of the things they can do to prevent disease. The staff arranges the preventive health care testing; such as colonoscopies, mammograms, bone mineral density, prostate testing etc.; thus removing the hassle of scheduling and insurance questions, making it easier for the patient to stay on target.

The annual wellness examination involves an interview process where the past year is evaluated and the current complaints shared. The wellness examination then gives the physician the opportunity to uncover the beginnings of a disease process before it gets out of control, leading to early detection and greater ability to correct the issues.

By limiting her practice to a limited number of patients, Dr. Britten is able to be accessible 24/7 to address those illnesses that cannot be anticipated. It may require interacting with the necessary specialists to solve the issues or perhaps caring for the patient in the hospital. But whatever it is, Dr. Britten will be there to guide the patient and the family through the process and help to return them to good health.

Come meet Dr. Britten and learn of the exceptional 24/7 medical care!

About Dr. Britten

So many people work very diligently to manage their financial assets as they move toward or enjoy the goal of retirement.  Our health, the care, the maintenance and the gratification of living well are assets that are even more significant to our everyday life.  The brilliant expertise and exceptionally personalized commitment to each patient in her care, makes Dr Barbara Ann Britten an unparalleled manager of your most precious asset; your health.  Her skilled supervision of her patient’s well being is a superb balance of tenacious ‘leave-no-stone-unturned’ health investigation, caring bedside manner and the knowledge and assurance of years of practice combined with ongoing analysis  and study. I write this as the daughter of a woman entering her tenth decade in life and who has been in Dr Britten’s care for years.  Through every aspect of my mother’s fiercely independent later years, Dr Britten has been an advocate, experienced voice and soft shoulder on whom my mother could call on and count on.  Living 1,000-miles away but knowing my mother is in Dr Britten’s care makes the miles melt away and assuages my worry.  The ever-ready care and concern she demonstrates with each interaction is palpable.  I cannot imagine a more excellent manger of anyone’s most valuable asset….our health.


Dr. Britten is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician, who has been practicing medicine for thirteen years, the last six here in Naples, Florida, where her reputation for compassion, medical expertise and patient care is well known.

After raising her daughter and son, Dr. Britten returned to the academic arena and graduated from New Jersey Medical School/University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, in 1997. She graduated at the top of her class and was elected into the medical honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha.

Residency training was done at University Hospital, Newark, NJ. Training in the inner city gave Dr. Britten the opportunity to care for large numbers of patients from all walks of life. That experience has been the driving force for her to volunteer at the Neighborhood Clinic, a clinic for the working poor.

Dr. Britten lives on Marco Island with her husband of forty years. She enjoys swimming, golfing and spending time with her grandson.

Bachelors Degree   Rutgers The State University
Masters Degree   Seton Hall University
Medical Degree   New Jersey Medical School/University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Alpha Omega Alpha Society
American Society of Internal Medicine
Florida Medical Society
Collier County Medical Society
American Society of Clinical Pathology

Our Services

Program Services

The Program provides, included in the all-inclusive fee the following Program Services to its Members:

  • Annual Physical Exam encompassing:
    • Complete head-to-toe examination
    • Routine annual physical laboratory tests-fees covered by concierge program;
    • Provision of individualized booklet with all test results and summary of exam;
  • Collection and laboratory fees for in-office laboratory test including: urine dipsticks, rapid strep tests, rapid flu screens, Hemoglobin A 1 c, finger stick glucose test and finger stick PT IINR (fees covered by concierge program);
  • All necessary follow-up care for chronic medical issues and all acute visits;
  • Acute care visits will occur within 24 hours;
  • All CDC age recommended vaccines: flu vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, tetanus/pertussis vaccine, Zoster vaccine
  • House calls if Member is too acutely ill to travel to physician office location
  • After hours telephonic access to physician;
  • Physician visits for in-patient hospital stays.
  • One hour nutrition evaluation with NCH Von Arx Diabetes Center of Excellence and Nutrition health Center


Kind words from our patients

…You are a very special doctor with a  special gift.  You listened to me and got to know me.  I have never met anyone who cares as much as you to give individualized care.  You were so thorough and professional.  If more doctors practiced medicine the way you do the world would be a happier  and healthier place. Thank you so much for your precious time. MK

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your professionalism and compassion towards me.  Thanks also to your staff  who always treated me with kindness.  JL a grateful patient

I do not have words to describe  the importance of your intervention on one of the most dismal days in my memory.  You gave me hope and optimism when they were at their lowest.  I hope you take much deserved satisfaction in the services you provide.  BM

….I have loved knowing someone who has such strong convictions about serving others with the gifts the Lord has given her, and a contagious joy that you give to others!  Your patients truly are blessed to have you and your colleagues blessed to work with an amazingly compassionate patient advocate!  Laura, CRNP

I wanted you to know just how much I appreciated your concern, wonderful hugs and welcome advice during one of the most difficult periods in my life.  Bless you for your compassion and understanding along with medical expertise.  You will always be very special to me. EH

I want to thank for being the best physician I have ever had.  Your gentle caring demeanor, your thorough examinations and your natural intellectual prowess, make you an outstanding doctor.  CK

Words cannot express my thanks for the excellent care you have given me.  What a wonderful bedside manner you have! Even at the worst times you made my day a little brighter.  JD

I want to thank you for the compassion you demonstrated to my brother and all of us.  God puts special people along our journey to come to our side and help us.  Thanks for touching our lives.  PW

I would like to say how much I admire your dedication to your patients.  You are definitely an inspiration to students.  I am so fortunate to have rounded with you during my internal medicine rotation.  Than you for sharing your knowledge with me. TB

You are for me without question, one of the best doctors that I have encountered.  Your devotion, warmth,  knowledge and professionalism shrine through you like a bright light. Michele, RN

Dr Britten was wonderful to have as a mentor; she is a true professional.  Her extensive and up to date knowledge, clinical thoroughness, humane patient care an exemplary rapport with patients and colleagues are all qualities I hope to possess by the end of my medical education. BN third year medical student

….I want to take the opportunity to share how grateful I am for you and your 24/7 dedicated care for your patients.  Your commitment to excellence in all you do makes all the difference for patients and their families leading you to become a cherished part of patient’s lives.  I am forever grateful for the care you have given…this year paired with you stellar bedside attention.  Everywhere he goes he tells people about you and the  excellent care you provide leaving his friends saying” hmmm, we have to check into concierge care and Dr Britten’s practice. SR

Contact Dr. Britten

Our concierge office is located at
1048 Goodlette Rd N. Suite 102
Naples, Florida 34102
Tel 239.331.2341 | Fax 239.331.2436

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